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Joymask  UK

Rob Lamont keys & vocal, Andy Baker drums, Johnny Griffiths alto sax, Rory Harvey guitar,

Tim Owers tenor sax, Stewart Prosser trumpet, Peter Suart percussion & sampler, Joe Veitch bass

Swervacious  UK

James Suart keys and vocal, Various musicians


Rob Lamont Trio  UK 

Rob Lamont acoustic guitar & vocal, Rory Harvey bass, Peter Suart djembé

Paul Meredith Band  HK

Paul Meredith guitar & vocal, Peter Suart drums & djembé, Various musicians

Blackbird HK Suart’s participation 1995 to 1999

Lenny Guo guitar & vocal, Cassi Kwan bass, violin & vocal, Peter Suart drums

Little Red Truck  HK 1995

Chan Wai Fat guitar, Nelson Hiu guitar & vocal, Ling Lee vocal & sampler, Peter Suart drums

Como no!  HK 1994 to 1995

Miguel Ayestaran guitar & vocal, Nelson Hiu percussion, Peter Scherr bass, Peter Suart percussion, Tim Wilson saxophone

Collective Improvisation Music Group  HK 1994

Chan Wai Fat guitar, Nelson Hiu flutes & yi wu, Simon Hui cello, Ling Lee vocal,

John Lee percussion, Peter Suart drums, Peter Scherr bass

Gun Metal Penguin  HK 1989

Nelson Hiu drums, Kung Chi Shing bass, Peter Suart guitar & vocal

Sean Thibadeaux guitar & vocal

Joringel  UK 1979

Anthony A’Court drums, Nic Davies bass, Steve Hill guitar, Peter Suart organ