The Sea of Tranquility  UK 2017

Suart, Rob Lamont

the box at Street Music  HK 2014

Kung, Suart, Les Fong, Ah Hung, Wilmer

the box  Music from Fragile  Street Music  HK 2011

the box and Alexander Doran  Street Music  HK 2010

Rob Lamont and Peter Suart and the box  Street Music  HK 2009

The Unclean Powers — The Blue Lamb  The Studio@TPS  UK 2009

Suart, Andy Baker, Rob Lamont, Joe Veitch

The Unclean Powers  The Studio@TPS  UK 2008

Suart, Andy Baker, Rory Harvey, Rob Lamont

the box in bloom  Macau Bloom Yellow 2008

An Evening of Little Songs  HK Fringe Club 2007 

Kung Chi Shing, Paul Meredith, Peter Suart

A Bath for the Dissolution of Hatred  HK ‘Precipitation’ at ParaSite 2001

74’ recording by Suart, played in dark room

Paul Meredith — Shadows of Belgrade  HK Fringe Club 2001

Blackbird and Peter Suart  Taipei 1999

Paul Meredith — Waiting for a Chinese Sun to Shine  HK Macaulay Theatre 1999

Funny Love  HK Macaulay Theatre 1997

Suart, Simon Hui, Paul Meredith, Yank Wong

Blackbird  Tokyo and Yokohama 1997

Tribal Xiang Gang  Taiwan 1997

A collective of HK musicians: Blackbird, Chan Wai Fat, Nelson Hiu & Ling Lee, Peter Suart

Paul Meredith — Spiritual Springtime  HK Fringe Club 1996

Blackbird and Peter Suart  HK Sheung Wan Civic Centre and Taiwan tour 1996

Tribal Xiang Gang  HK Shouson Theatre 1996

Festival Now  HK Shouson Theatre 1995

Group concert

Collective Improvisation Music Group  HK Cultural Centre Concert Hall, Arts Festival 1995

Chan Wai Fat, Nelson Hiu, Simon Hui, John Lee, Ling Lee, Peter Suart

October  HK Shouson Theatre 1993

Chan Wai Fat, Nelson Hiu, Sylvia Ho, Lam Siu Wai, John Lee, Peter Suart

Unplugged  HK Shatin Town Hall 1993

Suart, Chan Wai Fat, Ho Siu Fa, John Lee, Julia Mok

Chan Wai Fat and Friends  HK City Contemporary Theatre 1992

Chan Wai Fat, the box, Josh Hon, Lam Siu Wai, Wilson Tsang

popstar!  HK City Contemporary Theatre 1991

the box

Josh and the box  HK HKUniversity 1990

The New Law  HK Ko Shan Theatre 1990

the box, Rob Wakeman   Musicbus group concert

No Subversion  HK Fringe Club 1990

the box, Rob Wakeman

The Bell HK Fringe Club 1990

the box, Rob Wakeman

Fall Talk  HK Fringe Club 1989

the box, Josh Hon, John Fung, Hung Yuk Sing

Picture of Heaven  HK Fringe Club 1989

the box, Josh Hon, Hung Yuk Sing, Julia Mok, Sean Thibadeaux, Eve Yip

Gun Metal Penguin  HK Fringe Club 1989

the box, Nelson Hiu, Sean Thibadeaux   Various concerts

The Red Door  HK Ko Shan Theatre 1989

the box, Sean Thibadeaux   Musicbus 3rd Anniversary concert

the boxtrot  HK Fringe Club 1989

the box

Misplaced Midsummer Madness Music  HK Fringe Club 1988

the box, Nelson Hiu

Fragmented Mirror  HK Fringe Club 1988

Nelson Hiu, the box

Q Music  HK Rick’s Café 1988

the box, Nelson Hiu

Lions in the Bathroom  HK Rick’s Café 1988

the box, Nelson Hiu

Joringel  UK Farnham College 1979


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