Peter Suart  America   soundcloud  2016

Music from the one-man performance

Peter Suart  innenwelt und umwelt   soundcloud  2014

Music from Melencolia, Fragile, Far Away and The Fisher King

Joymask  CD 2008

Suart: djembé and sampler

Blackbird  Singing in the Dead of the Night  CD 2004

Suart: drums

the box  Full Fathom Five  CD (Live) 2001

Paul Meredith  Shadows of Belgrade  CD 2001

Suart: djembé

The Map of Sex and Love  Film by Evans Chan  CD 2001

Suart: Rendezvous at Reichenbach, The Slow Train

Artivist  Dizzidenza (Compilation)  CD 2000

Suart: Tin On Mun (The Gate of Heavenly Peace)

Paul Meredith  Waiting for a Chinese Sun to Shine  CD 1999

Suart: drums and djembé

Peter Suart  Lex Talionis Sub Specie Aeternitatis  CD 1998

Peter Suart Funny Love  CD 1997

Blackbird Before the Storm  CD 1997

Suart: drums

Peter Suart  Old Man Bone  CD 1996

Wong Chau Sang  Dei Mau Yiu Gwan  CD 1996

Suart: drums on Let Thunder-god gash all the manic bullies by Lenny Guo

Peter Suart  Rock’n’Roll Blood  CD 1995

Blackbird  Uniracial Subversion  CD 1995

Suart: drums on Massacre of the Green

Peter Suart  In the Slaughterhouse Garden  CD 1994

Asian Independent Compilation Vol 1  CD 1993

the box: The Black Lamb

the box  Go Home  CD 1993

the box  Box One  Tape 1990

Peter Suart  The Bell (45’ continuous piece) Tape 1989


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