The Tomb of Tutankhamun  Howard Carter  2013

Blocked covers


Thus Spoke Zarathustra  Friedrich Nietzsche  2012

Blocked cover and nine colour illustrations


Gulliver’s Travels  Jonathan Swift  2011

Limited edition. Blocked cover, seventeen colour illustrations, signed etching, black-and-white decorations


The Master and Margarita  Mikhail Bulgakov  2010

Blocked cover and thirteen colour illustrations

The Collected Stories  Nikolai Gogol  2009

Blocked cover and eleven colour illustrations

The Folio Book of Literary Puzzles  John Sutherland  2007

Colour cover

The Folio Diary 2008   2007

Colour cover

The Deptford Trilogy  Robertson Davies  2007

Blocked cover and thirteen colour illustrations

Christmas Ghost Stories  Various authors  2005

Colour cover and fifteen colour illustrations

The Complete Tales  Hans Christian Andersen  2005

Blocked cover, two-colour title page, one colour illustration

The Lifted Veil, Nineteenth Century Women’s Stories  Various authors  2005

Blocked cover and twelve illustrations



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