Peter Suart and Kung Chi Shing formed this theatrical music ensemble in Hong Kong in 1987, since when they have presented numerous concerts, in their own right and in collaboration with other musicians, dancers, artists and theatre people.

the box book  (slipcased paperbacks)

Volume 1   band history

Volume 2   songwords  prose  poetry

Volume 3   conversations (with Hong Kong art folk)

2 DVDs

Available from MCCM Creations

the world was made on a sunday  2014

songs from the wilderness  2009         

bluebeard  2007    

beauty and the beast  2004       

nature  2001        

captain kink's cabinet  1999      

lockheadjig  1993    

horse games  1992       

the meeting  1991       

sleeping beauty  1990        

sides 1 to 6  1987 to 1990



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