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Lacuna    The first book in the Dog With No Name series

Tik has become a young man. Both he and Tok have forgotten their names, and by the time they find out what they were, they no longer need them. Ten years after leaving the whaler’s house in North, they find themselves in the snowy wilderness of 1870s western America: dangerous, wild, unforgiving, and peopled by desperadoes and citizens as harsh as the land in which they try to hack out a living. Sought by the Law for crimes they didn’t commit, our young man and his dog duck and dive, all the while trying to find out why the ten years that have brought them to adulthood are a complete blank.

72 pages, 32 full-colour illustrations

Softcover with fully-extended jacket

285mm (H) x 210mm (W)


ISBN 978-988-13115-9-7

HK$250 or US$40 (online purchase at www.mccmcreations.com)

Available now